About me:
I am Kim. I live in Fish Hoek, Cape Town. I grew up in Johannesburg and spent many holidays in the Kruger National Park, where I developed a passion for animals and birds. This love of the bushveld has stayed with me always, and I have since become passionate and committed to exploring and enjoying the mountains, the sea and the indigenous plant life of the Cape. Photographing and recording new species while walking and running on the many trails in the region has become a special interest for me, and it is my pleasure to share it with visitors from abroad.

I have a background in fine art and journalism, and still work freelance as a wildlife illustrator. The area I live in is a haven for artists and nature lovers and the rich, green landscape with its curious rock formations and tea-coloured mountain streams is an inspiration to me. I served on the committee of the Dolphin Action & Protection Group for more than 20 years, first as an illustrator of whales and other cetaceans, and then later as educational officer for the group. I spent many years visiting schools and other organizations, giving talks on whales and dolphins, the devastation of marine pollution and the yearly migrations of whales to our coastline.

I enjoy working with small groups and individuals and all my tours are tailor-made to suit the personal interests of clients, many of whom come back each year to explore new areas or revisit their favourite nature reserves and birding spots. Bird watching can be a lot of fun, and does not necessarily have to be serious or time driven. Many of the more common species are a joy to observe in their natural habitat, as are the host of smaller creatures that share their environment and contribute to the richness and charm of the area.